ARRI  - 4 Light Kit - (1) 1K w/ Soft box, (2) 650, (1) 300
Kino-flo - (2) 4 x 4 soft bank florescent
MR - (1) 2K open face tungsten
750w Leko (4)
6" on-camera LED w/ variable color & dimmer
10" LED Bi-Color

(6) C-Stands (12) Sand Bags, Light stands
C-Clamps, 12" Matthellini Clamps, Duck bill clamps, etc...
100 Amp Distro Lunch Box
8'x8' to 12'x12' Frame, 12'x12' green screen
Flags - various
And much more...


Television, Film, Commercial Video



The "SWISS AMRY KNIFE" of video production.
Everything you need in a small package.

Panasonic Varicam - 6K Cinema Camera
Sony FS-100
Sony NX5U
Sony X70 - 4K / XDCAM
Panasonic FZ100 - DSLR / 4K
PIX240i Digital Recorder w/ 3 256 Gig drives
23" Panasonic HD monitor HD-SDI / HDMI
4 bank SDI monitors
SmallHD DP7 - HDMI monitor

​DZO 20-55mm T2.0
Rokinon 35mm T1.5
Rokinon 50mm T1.5
Rokinon 85mm T1.5
Sony 18-200mm F4.3-6.4

Quality, Experience and Service.

We offer complete video production services in order to create compelling visual content for commercial, corporate, and entertainment endeavors. We were at the forefront of the digital filmmaking revolution and utilize state of the art digital equipment like the ARRI Alexa and RED Cameras for stunning, cinematic quality results. For lighter budgets, we have a full complement of High-Definition cameras. Adding to the production value of your project, we have talented producers ready to take your vision to a new level.

TV Commercials / Documentary / Indie Film / EPK / B2B Video / Branding Videos / Corporate Event Videos / Corporate Presentations / Product Launch Videos / Training Videos and more.

We’d love to explore your project with you.